Welcome to my bird app!

These are some tools I built using the eBird API to enrich my own birding experience.

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See recent reports of Rare or Unusual birds!

The birds below were observed in unusual locations or at unexpected times of the year.

Unusual observations are "pending" until eBird manually reviews and confirms them.

Birders are not notified when their observations are confirmed, which is why I built this site!

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๐Ÿฆ Recent Birds

When was each bird species last seen in your area?

I use this as a "gut check" when I think I've seen a certain bird that seems unusual for this time of year. If someone else has recently reported seeing that bird, then you know someone else saw it, too!

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๐Ÿฆ Find an eBird region ID code

Start by entering a 2-letter country code. (Use "GB" for locations in Great Britain.)

    You can also explore eBird.org to find your region ID

    What is an eBird region?

    You can explore eBird data for an entire country, or for a smaller region like a state or province... sometimes, for a specific county or city.

    For example, you can search bird data in all of Canada (CA), in the entire province of Ontario (CA-ON), or just in the city of Toronto (CA-ON-TO).

    The United States, Canada, and Great Britain (GB) are examples of areas where bird data is recorded by top level location, region and sub-region. Many countries, however, do not break down their regions into sub-regions. For example, Sweden's top-level country location code is SE, and Stockholm's location code is SE-AB, and there are no smaller sub-regions classified by eBird.